Walls are Complete!

Marlborough, Massachusetts- Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School’s students have been working hard on the tiny home’s walls and cathedral ceiling. Below, the students and teacher, Bill Italiano, can be seen working on the gables and ridge of our veteran’s future home.

The students spent about 25 hours working on this phase of carpentry. The walls were platform framed on the home’s floor. Then, exterior sheathing was applied and glued to the frame. Finally, the walls were stood up. A video of the students lifting two of the walls will be available for viewing soon!

Assabet made the most of their last few weeks in school before summer break started. The four gables and ridge are now constructed and in place. The gables are a part of the wall framing. However, the ridge is structural and made of two laminated veneer lumber (LVL) ridge beams that are 44 feet in length. These will be used to support the ends of the rafters on the ridge.

Bill is hopeful that his students are learning the importance of a good set of working plans, which were provided by Jeri Spurling with Spurling Design. He also wants Assabet students to know the value of accurate cutting and layout in order to have all components come together to form a structurally sound finished product. Lastly, it’s important to him that the students take pride in their work.

When classes start up again this fall, the students will be focusing on installing the valley, jack, and common rafters. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!