All Systems Are A Go!

Our Tiny House officially has a septic system as of yesterday! American Concrete donated the septic take and John Goodwin has done all the grounds work. Additionally County Concrete donated all of the materials (stone, gravel, etc.). A huge thank you to the sponsors listed above and to Scott Shaw of Maine Seacoast Mission for… Continue reading All Systems Are A Go!

Groundbreaking News

Milbridge ME- On Tuesday October 22, 2019, John Goodwin Jr. Construction, Southwest Harbor, ME started groundbreaking work on our Tiny House’s land in Milbridge. As seen below, a heavy equipment operator, and an employee with a chainsaw spent the day prepping the land that our Veteran will soon call home. The tiny home is currently… Continue reading Groundbreaking News

Tiny Home, Big Dream

Marlborough, MA – On October 7th, Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School hosted a press conference for our Tiny House Project. Representatives from each of the project’s partners, C.F. Adams, Maine Seacoast Mission, and Downeast Community Partners, were in attendance. Also, several local news stations attended and reported on this great community project. The press… Continue reading Tiny Home, Big Dream

WBZ CBS Boston News Story

On October 9th, 2019, Mike LaCrosse, a news reporter with WBZ CBS Boston, visited Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School to share our Tiny House project news story. Below are pictures from his visit and a link to the story that aired on television. We’re grateful to have amazing partners, students who are diligently working… Continue reading WBZ CBS Boston News Story

Rafters Installation

Over the past week, Assabet students successfully installed our tiny home’s rafters. This part of the tiny house project took the students roughly a week to complete. The rafters will support the roof’s sheathing on the outside. Then the roof’s shingles will be applied to it to keep the weather out. The inside of the… Continue reading Rafters Installation

We’ve Got Windows!

The Assabet Valley Valley Regional Technical High School students are back from summer break and hard at work on our Tiny House Project. Below you will see one of our sponsors, A.W. Hastings, delivering the windows for our veteran’s future home. We are excited to see the house progress and are grateful for our sponsors… Continue reading We’ve Got Windows!

Welcome Back, Aztecs!

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School students are officially back from summer break. We hope all of the carpentry program students had a wonderful summer and are well rested and excited to continue working on our Tiny House Project. Stay tuned for more pictures, videos, and updates as they work hard to finish this beautiful… Continue reading Welcome Back, Aztecs!

Walls are Complete!

Marlborough, Massachusetts- Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School’s students have been working hard on the tiny home’s walls and cathedral ceiling. Below, the students and teacher, Bill Italiano, can be seen working on the gables and ridge of our veteran’s future home. The students spent about 25 hours working on this phase of carpentry. The… Continue reading Walls are Complete!