PLATINUM, gifts of $4,501 or more

Astro Crane (Moving Tiny House from Assabet HS onto trailer)

Coastline Homes (Setting/Securing Tiny House on Foundation) 

Essex Bay Cabinetry (Building/Installing Kitchen)

John Goodwin, Jr Construction (Grounds Work/Septic System Installation) 

Keeley Crane Service (Moving Tiny House from Trailer to Foundation)

Koopman Lumber (Building Materials)

Savoie Modular Homes (Building Materials/Mentorship)

Shannon Drilling, Inc. (Well)

Spurling Design (Architect)

GOLD, gifts of $3,501 – $4,500

Branch River Plastics, Inc. (Home insulation )

Hudson Appliance (Donated all home appliances)

SILVER, gifts of $2,501 – $3,500

Latour and Sons Trucking, Inc., (Transport)

County Concrete (Stone, Concrete, and Gravel)

A.W. Hastings & Co. (Windows)

BRONZE, gifts of $1,501 – $2,500

VS Finishing Inc. (Taping, Painting, and Finishing)

Al Rapa and Son Plumbing  (Plumbing Hookups) 

American Concrete (Septic Tank)

Cloud 9 Electric (Electrical Hookups)

Cole Creek Heating (Installing Heat Pump)

National Lumber (Building Materials)

COPPER, gifts of $500 – $1,500

City Welding (Building Materials)

Hammond Lumber (Building Materials)

St. Pierre Manufacturing (Building Materials)