Rafters Installation

Over the past week, Assabet students successfully installed our tiny home’s rafters. This part of the tiny house project took the students roughly a week to complete. The rafters will support the roof’s sheathing on the outside. Then the roof’s shingles will be applied to it to keep the weather out. The inside of the rafters contains strapping which will receive the finished ceiling.

Below you will see a brief clip of all the students hard at work installing the rafters. The students who worked on this phase include: Anthony Benway, Demetri Berganza, Michael Blasko, Brendon Cabral, Kelvin Clemente, Kevin Coleman, Codey Daly, Zachary Demers, Jack Gulexian, Kyle Keane, Devlin Madden, Dennis Mendoza, John Prifti, Patrick Ryan, Gabriel Silva, Jacob Sousa, Aldan Weagle, and Sierra Wilkie. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this project! Additionally, thank you to Assabet students, Lance Parker and Kate Mains, for capturing this video for all of us to see the project’s progress.

The next phase will include strapping the ceiling and starting interior partitions. The students and teachers plan to strap the exterior of the house with 2x4s horizontally so they can add that an additional 1 1/2 of rigid insulation and have something solid to nail the vertical siding to. Stay tuned for more project updates!

Camera: Lance Parker
Editing: Kate Mains