Tiny Home, Big Dream

Camera & Editing by Andrew Borey, Zachary Laighton, and Dashaun Hancock

Marlborough, MA – On October 7th, Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School hosted a press conference for our Tiny House Project. Representatives from each of the project’s partners, C.F. Adams, Maine Seacoast Mission, and Downeast Community Partners, were in attendance. Also, several local news stations attended and reported on this great community project.

The press conference was held to acknowledge the Assabet students for the work they have accomplished and are continuing to do on the tiny house, as well as provide a project update. Scott Shaw, with Maine Seacoast Mission, spoke about how the project’s partnerships were formed, how the project became a reality, and how much has been learned along the way. The tiny house idea started out on a napkin a couple of years ago, and it’s nearing completion. The target delivery date is Veterans Day.

The tiny house project has been made possible due to the generous support of the C.F. Adams Charitable Trust, the Assabet student who are constructing the tiny home, and DCP and Maine Seacoast Mission for preparing the site and overseeing completion of home once it arrives in Maine. Additionally, this project has become a reality because of the support of our generous sponsors and our Architect, Jeri Spurling.

Stay tuned for more building updates and an update on the groundbreaking in Milbridge Maine!!!

WBZ CBS Boston News Story

On October 9th, 2019, Mike LaCrosse, a news reporter with WBZ CBS Boston, visited Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School to share our Tiny House project news story. Below are pictures from his visit and a link to the story that aired on television.

We’re grateful to have amazing partners, students who are diligently working hard to complete the tiny house, and news stations who want to share this life changing project. Assabet students are not only learning construction skills, they’re giving back to the community.

Here are some of the Carpentry student news story quotes:

“It completely warms my heart. It makes me so happy inside,” said sophomore Juliette Hughes.

“Building someone’s home – that feels pretty great,” said Coelho Da Silva.

“This, you actually work hands-on; you’re doing good for the community, and you’re helping others,” said junior Codey Daly.

“It just feels good knowing that you built something from the ground up,” said sophomore Lucas Coelho Da Silva.

The TV news story can be viewed by clicking here.

Rafters Installation

Over the past week, Assabet students successfully installed our tiny home’s rafters. This part of the tiny house project took the students roughly a week to complete. The rafters will support the roof’s sheathing on the outside. Then the roof’s shingles will be applied to it to keep the weather out. The inside of the rafters contains strapping which will receive the finished ceiling.

Below you will see a brief clip of all the students hard at work installing the rafters. The students who worked on this phase include: Anthony Benway, Demetri Berganza, Michael Blasko, Brendon Cabral, Kelvin Clemente, Kevin Coleman, Codey Daly, Zachary Demers, Jack Gulexian, Kyle Keane, Devlin Madden, Dennis Mendoza, John Prifti, Patrick Ryan, Gabriel Silva, Jacob Sousa, Aldan Weagle, and Sierra Wilkie. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this project! Additionally, thank you to Assabet students, Lance Parker and Kate Mains, for capturing this video for all of us to see the project’s progress.

The next phase will include strapping the ceiling and starting interior partitions. The students and teachers plan to strap the exterior of the house with 2x4s horizontally so they can add that an additional 1 1/2 of rigid insulation and have something solid to nail the vertical siding to. Stay tuned for more project updates!

Camera: Lance Parker
Editing: Kate Mains

We’ve Got Windows!

The Assabet Valley Valley Regional Technical High School students are back from summer break and hard at work on our Tiny House Project. Below you will see one of our sponsors, A.W. Hastings, delivering the windows for our veteran’s future home. We are excited to see the house progress and are grateful for our sponsors and partners for making this project possible!

Stay tuned for more updates as our project continues!

Hastings Window Delivery.
Video recorded by Dashaun Hancock and edited by Dashaun Hancock & Will Schiavone.

Welcome Back, Aztecs!

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School students are officially back from summer break. We hope all of the carpentry program students had a wonderful summer and are well rested and excited to continue working on our Tiny House Project.

Stay tuned for more pictures, videos, and updates as they work hard to finish this beautiful home.

Walls are Complete!

Marlborough, Massachusetts- Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School’s students have been working hard on the tiny home’s walls and cathedral ceiling. Below, the students and teacher, Bill Italiano, can be seen working on the gables and ridge of our veteran’s future home.

The students spent about 25 hours working on this phase of carpentry. The walls were platform framed on the home’s floor. Then, exterior sheathing was applied and glued to the frame. Finally, the walls were stood up. A video of the students lifting two of the walls will be available for viewing soon!

Assabet made the most of their last few weeks in school before summer break started. The four gables and ridge are now constructed and in place. The gables are a part of the wall framing. However, the ridge is structural and made of two laminated veneer lumber (LVL) ridge beams that are 44 feet in length. These will be used to support the ends of the rafters on the ridge.

Bill is hopeful that his students are learning the importance of a good set of working plans, which were provided by Jeri Spurling with Spurling Design. He also wants Assabet students to know the value of accurate cutting and layout in order to have all components come together to form a structurally sound finished product. Lastly, it’s important to him that the students take pride in their work.

When classes start up again this fall, the students will be focusing on installing the valley, jack, and common rafters. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Video 5- Koopman Lumber Wood Delivery

Video recorded by Morgan Mylon. Video edited by Kate Maines.

Above you see one of our many sponsors, Koopman Lumber, delivering wood for the Assabet students to use during construction of the tiny home. We are so grateful to each and every sponsor, donor, and partner who made this project possible. You can view our sponsors by clicking here.

Solid Foundation

Marlborough, Massachusetts- Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School’s students have been hard at work on the Downeast Tiny House Project. Under supervision of Bill Italiano, Assabet’s Lead Carpentry Teacher, the group can be seen below constructing and sheathing the flooring in our veteran’s future home.

The students, who are freshmen and sophomores, spent many hours ensuring that the tiny home has a solid foundation before they started construction on the shell and walls. A total of 38 students (20 freshmen and 18 sophomores) spent a full week framing and shaving the tiny home’s floor. Video footage, which was filmed and edited by other Assabet students, can be viewed by clicking here.

As seen in their mission statement, Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School is a dynamic and supportive school system that prepares students to meet the challenges of the future by providing a rigorous and relevant education in a safe and secure environment resulting in academic, career, and technical proficiency.  Students, who alternate their schedules during the school year, spend one week in academic classes and the next week in carpentry class. This allows for a wonderful hands on learning experience.

Assabet’s Carpentry program is facilitated by Bill Italiano and Jon Brown who supervise on campus projects and Wayne Coulson, who coordinates the school’s off-campus construction program. Off-Campus projects allow Assabet’s Junior and Senior students to work within their community on projects that include new construction and renovation projects for non-profits and municipalities as well as a Residential Building Program for qualified applicants. Assabet’s carpentry program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to layout, cut, fabricate, erect, install, and repair wooden structures and fixtures using hand and power tools.  This program includes instruction in technical mathematics, framing, construction material identification and selection, job estimating, blueprint reading, foundations and roughing-in, finish carpentry techniques, and applicable codes and standards. You can learn more about Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School and the phenomenal programs they offer by clicking here.

Our Downeast Tiny House Project is made possible by all of our generous donors, sponsors, and partners. The house is completely funded by private sponsors and local businesses who are giving back to their community. If you would like to make a difference by contributing to this project please contact Scott Shaw with the Maine Seacoast Mission.