Covered Foundation

This update was provided by Dale Basher, DCP’s Housing Services Operation Manager.

Roger with R&R Builders covered the Tiny House foundation on December 17th and he used the DCP Hammond Lumber account to purchase the materials.  Roger didn’t use pressure treated lumber.  Our plan was to use pressure treated and repurpose the lumber for the decks and entry stairs.  The foundation is covered and we feel confident we can find a way to repurpose the KD 2×6 lumber and 5/8” Advantech sheets.  

We ordered a 30”, stainless steel, ASHRAE 62.2 compliant range hood today.  It will be shipped to the school tomorrow for the Assabet students to install. Also, Pro Insulators has spray foamed the interior walls of the Tiny House. 

Last, we will order the Vermont Castings C3 wood stove from Evergreen Solutions.  Bill framed the Tiny  House in accordance with the stovepipe clearances of the Vermont Castings C3 installation specifications and code requirements.

Stay tuned for more updates and a blog featuring each division and students that worked on constructing the tiny home. Below are pictures of the covered foundation!          

WBZ News – Downeast Tiny House Project

WBZ news arrived to do a news story on our Tiny House Project. The news story can be seen via the video below. The video features many of the Assabet Valley Technical School students who are working on the project. We’re so grateful for the coverage and to be sharing our progress with the world. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

If You Build It, They Will Come

Our Tiny House Project is going slower than anticipated. Part of the delay is the fact that we are working with donated labor from contractors. We’re currently waiting on the insulation company to blow the insulation in the walls, and the Assabet Carpentry students are working on other portions of the home during this time.

Our veteran is aware of the delay. He is completely fine and secure in his current housing situation. The site work is complete in Milbridge.

The photos below are the current site. John Goodwin went above and beyond for all the site work and working with other contractors’ timelines. We’ve hired a carpenter to come to the property this weekend and enclose the exposed foundation and the new homeowner has agreed to keep the snow shoveled off.

Our veteran is anxious to see the house when it arrives, which we believe will be after the holidays. We’ve learned a lot about the tiny house process during this project. We hope to have many more homes built in the future.

A big thank you to the Assabet students for continuing to work hard on the home despite the delays. This project wouldn’t be possible without their determination, leadership, and carpentry program. More updates to follow!

From Massachusetts to Milbridge: Collaboration Helps Secure Home for Veteran

Milbridge, Maine (WABI) – “To see it drawn on a napkin three years ago and be a dream to being a reality, it’s pretty amazing.”

Scott Shaw is the housing rehab manager for Maine Seacoast Mission. When he looks at this construction zone in Milbridge, he sees the start of a new life for a veteran.

“Up here, we’re doing all the groundwork and foundation and well and septic to get ready for the arrival of it.”

Arrival being the key word. The house is being constructed in Marlborough, Massachusetts by students at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School.

“We’ve had a lot of donations, people stepping up, companies stepping up. Shannon Well Drilling, which is over there right now drilling our well. Jeri Spurling from Spurling Design. Al Rapa and Son Plumbing. John Goodwin Jr Construction. Keeley Crane. County Concrete. American Concrete. Cloud 9 Electric.”

“Scott contacted me about being involved in this project, and it was a no brainier to help.”

Jesse Lettinger and Mike Becker of Coastline Homes will help place the home and secure it to the foundation.

“We live and work in this community, and we really appreciate the ability to give back to others.”

Bobbi Harris, Housing Director for Downeast Community Partners, says the veteran is grateful.

“It’s gonna mean the world to him. He’s 100% disabled. His way of life is very difficult to lead, so the home itself is made for just his needs. He’ll be able to take care of himself which he really wants to do.”

The house is scheduled to be delivered to the site in December, and the veteran will move in soon after. But the work won’t end there.

Can You Dig It?

More excitement at the Tiny House site!  The well was drilled on Tuesday November 5th!  Emera showed up to discuss the power connections as well! We’re moving forward and happy with the project’s progress.

A huge thank you to Shannon Well Drilling for their hard work today!

Stay tuned for more exciting progress updates as the project continues!

Plumbing Installation

Several Assabet Valley Tech students have been hard at work on the Tiny House’s Plumbing. They have been working for hte better part of a week on the home’s plumbing. Two sinks, a shower, and toilet have been installed in the home. Our students are ready to move on to the next phase of construction.

Check out all of the great pictures that Lauren Gonzalez was able to capture of the project’s progress!

Press Conference Pics

Below are a few pictures from our press conference in Marlborough MA. We appreciate all who took the time to attend, speak, and prepare for the event. We had several news stations in attendance and were proud to honor the work that our Assabet Valley students have done.

This project would not be possible without the partnership created with all four partners. Each organization brings a special dynamic to the project’s overall mission. The tiny house is still at Assabet and will be trucked to the land in Milbridge Maine where the home will be finished and presented to our disabled veteran.

All Systems Are A Go!

Our Tiny House officially has a septic system as of yesterday! American Concrete donated the septic take and John Goodwin has done all the grounds work. Additionally County Concrete donated all of the materials (stone, gravel, etc.).

A huge thank you to the sponsors listed above and to Scott Shaw of Maine Seacoast Mission for taking the awesome pictures below!

Fox 22 News Story

Fox 22 News in Bangor covered our Tiny House Project in a story on Friday October 18th. You will see DCP’s Housing Director, Bobbi Ann Harris, and Maine Seacoast Mission’s Scott Shaw in this story.

Click the link below for the full story.


Groundbreaking News

Milbridge ME- On Tuesday October 22, 2019, John Goodwin Jr. Construction, Southwest Harbor, ME started groundbreaking work on our Tiny House’s land in Milbridge. As seen below, a heavy equipment operator, and an employee with a chainsaw spent the day prepping the land that our Veteran will soon call home.

The tiny home is currently being constructed by high school students in Massachusetts. Once the shell is finished, it will be trucked to Maine and placed on the land in Milbridge. At that time, local sponsors and contractors will complete the home before presenting it to a formerly homeless, disabled Veteran.

Our next phase will involve a septic system and concrete crew. If you’d like to become one of our sponsors please contact Bobbi Ann Harris at 664-2424.

Stay tuned to more on this project!!!