If You Build It, They Will Come

Our Tiny House Project is going slower than anticipated. Part of the delay is the fact that we are working with donated labor from contractors. We’re currently waiting on the insulation company to blow the insulation in the walls, and the Assabet Carpentry students are working on other portions of the home during this time.

Our veteran is aware of the delay. He is completely fine and secure in his current housing situation. The site work is complete in Milbridge.

The photos below are the current site. John Goodwin went above and beyond for all the site work and working with other contractors’ timelines. We’ve hired a carpenter to come to the property this weekend and enclose the exposed foundation and the new homeowner has agreed to keep the snow shoveled off.

Our veteran is anxious to see the house when it arrives, which we believe will be after the holidays. We’ve learned a lot about the tiny house process during this project. We hope to have many more homes built in the future.

A big thank you to the Assabet students for continuing to work hard on the home despite the delays. This project wouldn’t be possible without their determination, leadership, and carpentry program. More updates to follow!