Covered Foundation

This update was provided by Dale Basher, DCP’s Housing Services Operation Manager.

Roger with R&R Builders covered the Tiny House foundation on December 17th and he used the DCP Hammond Lumber account to purchase the materials.  Roger didn’t use pressure treated lumber.  Our plan was to use pressure treated and repurpose the lumber for the decks and entry stairs.  The foundation is covered and we feel confident we can find a way to repurpose the KD 2×6 lumber and 5/8” Advantech sheets.  

We ordered a 30”, stainless steel, ASHRAE 62.2 compliant range hood today.  It will be shipped to the school tomorrow for the Assabet students to install. Also, Pro Insulators has spray foamed the interior walls of the Tiny House. 

Last, we will order the Vermont Castings C3 wood stove from Evergreen Solutions.  Bill framed the Tiny  House in accordance with the stovepipe clearances of the Vermont Castings C3 installation specifications and code requirements.

Stay tuned for more updates and a blog featuring each division and students that worked on constructing the tiny home. Below are pictures of the covered foundation!